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Lost 43 Lbs

"Hi my name is Raquell and I’ve struggled with being overweight for many years. 


I’ve always held onto that extra 50lb and after the birth of my beautiful son it then became more challenging and I knew I needed to take action with my health and fitness.


I’ve made attempts and progress in the past however there’s always something that eventually throws me off.

Then, though social media, I found Ryan and the

Victory Fat Loss System.

Working closely with Ryan throughout this coaching program has helped me lose 43 lbs over the course of our eight months together. I now manage my sugar cravings, get back on track when thrown off, I’m focused regarding daily objectives and I have built a strong foundation of habits that will stay with me. 


I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this much energy and I’m excited to wear my new clothes this summer!!


If you’re looking to start, complete and maintain your weight loss journey, the VICTORY FAT LOSS SYSTEM will get you there.

Good luck!


Thank you Ryan!!"

Why choose the 

Accountability, support, focus, encouragement and guidance. That is the recipe for a successful Weight loss Journey.

At the end of the day it all goes back to accountability. What will keep you accountable and on track when you hit roadblocks? The long term journey is hard to do alone. And if you’ve tried before and failed don’t be hard on yourself as one day it will click.


In this system your coach is with you every step of the way. As you complete your daily objective/targets your coach is notified, is monitoring your efforts and nothing keeps you more accountable than that.


This system dissects you, your situation and what’s been holding you back.  We then implement the 4 pillars of fat loss (SUGAR CRAVING MANAGEMENT, GUIDANCE & SUPPORT,


You are going to build habits that are strong and will stay with you after you complete your mission.


You will get to where you want to be and stay there.

No more yo-yoing.


You will manage your sugar intake, apply an effective low stress plan that fits you the specific variables of your life.

Your objectives/protocols are monitored frequently.

Your coach is with you each day and our coaching calls will help you with weekly re-calibrations and keep you excited about your weight loss journey! 


This program involves a free app for your phone where you will access your tailored weight loss program objectives. Your file is synchronized with your coach and everything that you do or don’t do, your coach will support and help you with.


Accountability, support, focus, encouragement and guidance. 

That’s how you complete your weight loss journey.

How the

One-on-one coaching for accountability, support, guidance, and encouragement are serious allies when it comes to the rough patches. This is how you start correctly, battle through your journey and ultimately complete your weight loss mission.

HOME: Welcome
HOME: Welcome

"I lost 39 lbs and the results are showing more and more every day.  I couldn’t be happier.  I have way more self confidence, happier overall and feeling physical amazing. I couldn’t be happier.  I have way more self confidence and feel better physically.  Ryan is the best coach I have ever worked with.  He really cares about me as a person and has been there every step of the way while I get fit and lose weight."


Lost 39 lbs

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Ryan Denney


My name is Ryan Denney and I help you finally complete your weight loss journey.


After 20 years experience as a health and fitness/weight loss coach I’m here to encourage, guide and support you every step of the way.


Together we will breakdown what’s been holding you back and re-establish the strong habits that will stay with you when you complete your weight loss mission.


I’m your coach and it’s my job to keep you excited about your weight loss journey. Our coaching calls will allow us to dive deep into your program, make the correct weekly

re-calibrations and ramp up your energy and focus.


I’ve helped countless individuals lose a on of weight. 

We’re talking full transformations. Anywhere from 30 - 100+ pounds. I know exactly what I’m doing and I’m the real deal Weight Loss Coach. 


Whether you are in Canada, Australia, Trinidad, Lebanon, Brazil, Japan or any where else for that matter, I'm ready to help you jumpstart your results now!


Let’s complete your weight loss journey once and for all!! 

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This is a must watch video!

Learn from others who have already navigated their weight loss journey and how they persevered through the most difficult parts.

This video includes additional fitness program options in midtown Toronto

Doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can work within the VICTORY FAT LOSS SYSTEM and you will see results.


However if you’re in the Midtown Toronto/GTA we’re neighbours! We run Midtown‘s ultimate boot camp, Toronto premium personal training programs for people that are serious about their goals and other awesome community/private-based programs

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